Here at Level 3 Studios we like to keep things simple and transparent so you get the right type of service for any type of project. Our services are designed to fit into any stage of the App Development lifecycle. 


Every app is not just a bunch of code but a piece of art that should "wow" a user every time they use it. 

UI/UX Design: Sketch

Prototyping: Flinto

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At our core we love to write code and love to learn how to incorporate new frameworks into every project.

API: SailsJS

Database: SQL

Mobile: iOS, Android

Web: HTML/CSS, Javascript

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Once the app is finished it's time to get it out to the public. 

Mobile Apps: Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Web Apps: Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS

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UI/UX Design has become an integral part of the App Development lifecycle that unfortunately most other developers outsource. We prefer to keep everything in-house, so from start to finish we are crafting a masterpiece together. 

Sketch Designs

Sketch has become the go to application for UI/UX Design at Level 3 Studios for numerous reasons. One of the  main reasons...Overrides. 

Flinto Prototypes

Flinto is a great program for creating prototypes of workflows that can be shared in various formats. And it integrates with Sketch fairly well. 

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Application Development has always been the heart of Level 3 Studios, which is why we can handle so many different platforms. All of our applications are developed in native languages and platforms. 

Backend Development

SQL is the primary database language used at Level 3 Studios, with experience using various styles of SQL in various sized projects. For API's we have started using SailsJS as our primary framework since it works nicely with the other frameworks we use. 

Web Development

At Level 3 Studios we treat Websites and Web Applications as different products since they require different approaches. For Websites we use Bootstrap Studio to create responsive sites quickly, and all of the work can be exported to HTML/CSS. For Web Applications we have started using Vue.js for our framework along with the HTML/CSS created from Bootstrap Studio. 

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have become a necessity for just about any company and at Level 3 Studios this is where it all started for us. With experience in both major platforms, iOS and Android, we have been creating customized solutions for small and large companies. 

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Getting your finished product out to users has always been a tricky task with multiple products and platforms. At Level 3 Studios we have experience with both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for mobile products and Heroku, Digital Ocean and GoDaddy for web products. 

Beta Testing

Before any product makes it to users we run it through a series of test cases and bug fixes. Using TestFlight, Beta tracks, virtual environments and other configurations we try to mimic as many clients as possible before giving the app the green light. 

App Release

The App Store and Google Play store can be tricky for first timers, with numerous fields and areas that are sometimes never considered until that moment. Since we've been through this process so many times we already know what to do and can help you get through the process quickly and with as few delays as possible.

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