Following the sun has never been so easy. 

With Astro you can find out what time Sunrise and Sunset will occur on any day without any network connection. With a simple interface and over 1,000 bundled locations you can track the sun all over the world. For those night owls out there, we didn't forget about the moon either, just pick a date and find out how much nightlight you will actually have. 


Astro may have been designed to look like it's a simple interface but there's a lot going on in this app behind the scenes. Below is just some of what you can expect from Astro.

Math based

Astro uses the same mathimatical equations that the United States Naval Observatory uses so you don't need a network to get results. 

Consitent Iconography

All icons used across all platforms are from the Icons8 library, which provides a consistent interface no matter what platform you choose.

Sans Font

Astro uses a simple, yet easy to read Sans style font called Idealist Sans by GlenJan.

SQLite Database

All of the map coordinates are stored in a local SQLite table to make the map screen fast, and fun to use. 

Native Code

Astro was writting in native languages for each platform to ensure the best possible performance. Astro uses Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android)


Coming soon Astro will be available in other languages. Please check back as we work with different services to get this finished quickly.