So who is Level 3 Studios?

Level 3 Studios is actually just me, Sal Aldana. After spending years working with large and small companies I decided to launch Level 3 Studios to pursue my passion for creating remarkable applications. 

"I don't win or lose, I win or learn"

Sal Aldana


As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to learn more about technology. I can remember as a kid taking apart, and re-building, my computer just so I could see how it works. I'm glad to say that sense of curiosity and ingenuity has stayed with me as an adult, which has helped in my career growth as a Full Stack Application Developer. Never wanting to settle with just being an "App Developer", I have continued to expand my skillset to include all aspects of the application development lifecycle. 

Early Days

I was born in San Jose, before it became the tech capitol it is now, and spent most of my early life in a small bay area town called Vallejo. After starting a family and company we decided a change of scenery was needed and moved the entire family to Arizona.

Current Days

Currently based out of Chandler, I found that Arizona was not what I originally expected. Sure it's hot and that part I expected but what I didn't expect to see was such a great blend of tech and nature in one place.  If it wasn't for the heat, I would assume I'm back in San Jose with all the stuff going on here.  

Education was always very important to me and I spent a couple years moving from major to major to see what I really wanted to with my life. It was a Intro to Programming class that got me started on the Computer Science route. 

Masters in Computer Science

20 Jan 2018

Need to get my transcripts out of the garage to fill in the dates and fields for my Masters Degrees. 

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